Frequently asked questions



I use only the highest quality products trusted by other profession painters that are EU and FDA approved. And cosmetic grade glitters. I own all equipment including portable table, makeup chair, and canopy when needed.

Here is a link where I buy my paints:





How to take off: I highly recommend Neutrogena makeup wipes and damping the painting off little by little then wipe last the remaining paint then soap and water.

Another way to remove paint is lather the paint with liquid soap or baby shampoo. Wipe skin with dark damp cloth. DO NOT scrub. Rinse with clean water. If staining occurs, apply moisturizer. Wait 10 minutes and repeat cleaning process.

DO NOT USE BABY WIPES. This can cause irritation.


Age: Under the age of 3 is not recommended to be painted since the skin is still developing.

Allergic reaction can occur. If you have sensitive skin, mild eczema, or broken skin it is not recommended to paint on. 

Dirty brushes can also lead to bacterial infections such as: impetigo aka school sores.

I keep my tools clean, and take the time to deep clean them after huge events.


Charity and Fundraisers

1) A discounted hourly rate made available from the face painter to the organization. The organization can then proceed to sell tickets/charge for face painting per face, with all proceeds going to the organization.




2) Ms Brown can come at no expense to the charity for face painting and will charge participants $5.00 (or more) per face, with $1.00 per face going to the organization. (mileage and minimum participation amount may be applied.)


Can you recommend any other painters?

Yes, don't be afraid to ask me for recommendations for other professionals. I know a couple if you are in the Ventura County Area.

If you are not in Ventura County, and some where else in California, or somewhere in the U.S. or even the United Kingdom or Australia I will do my best to find someone for you if I can, but it would have to be 1-2 months in advance so that we can find someone before everyone gets book right way. Just be sure to email me the time you are looking to hire, the area you will be in, and theme.